Welcome to the world of enchanting traditional izakaya.

About Syupo

Across Japan, there are numerous longstanding taverns, charming family-run izakayas, and distinctive chain restaurants.

Syupo is a web magazine that focuses on “sake bars,” which are delicious dining establishments serving alcohol, found throughout Japan. We aim to showcase the joy of pub hopping and share the excitement of exploring different places to drink.

While we have been providing services exclusively for Japan for the past 10 years, starting in 2023, we have also begun publishing articles for English-speaking audiences.



Izakaya expert

I am a food and beverage writer and journalist.

I have appeared, supervised, and written in over 50 TV, radio, magazine, and MOOK programs.

My main business is to operate this site, collaborate with food and beverage companies and sake and beer manufacturers, write articles for gourmet web magazines and Nikkei BP.

In my work and hobbies, I have visited over 10,000 bars, from Wakkanai in the north to the remote islands of Okinawa in the south, and sometimes even overseas. Among them, I introduce bars that I can confidently recommend on Syupo!