About Syupo

We support the IZAKAYA culture by collecting information about IZAKAYAs and sharing their appeal, and creating opportunities for people to want to go to IZAKAYAs.


I hope to be a catalyst for passing the baton. That is the wish of Syupo.

There are many charming independent restaurants and local restaurants. However, there are few opportunities for PR with advertising costs like large companies, and there are still many things that are not well known. Family-run businesses are increasingly difficult to continue due to disasters and generational change, and the number of cases of bankruptcy is increasing.

At Syupo, we want to let many people know the charm of restaurants that are deeply rooted in the city, not just chain stores. We continue to interview with that thought.

I would be happy if it would lead to an opportunity to visit an unknown store. I would be delighted if the store had more new customers and the food business became a more attractive job. I believe that information will lead to support for important stores.*



Izakaya expert

I am a food and beverage writer and journalist.

I have appeared, supervised, and written in over 50 TV, radio, magazine, and MOOK programs.

My main business is to operate this site, collaborate with food and beverage companies and sake and beer manufacturers, write articles for gourmet web magazines and Nikkei BP.

In my work and hobbies, I have visited over 10,000 bars, from Wakkanai in the north to the remote islands of Okinawa in the south, and sometimes even overseas. Among them, I introduce bars that I can confidently recommend on Syupo!